Video: We talk with Mr. Media about Bloggers Boot Camp

My writing partner John Biggs (TechCrunch, Gizmodo, The New York Times) and I talked with a cool guy the other day. Bob Andelman, known worldwide as “Mr. Media,” asked us about our newly released second edition of Bloggers Boot Camp. We talked about the book and a lot more for the better part of an hour.

Bob asked us some great questions about blogging, creating content, and generally being cool on the Internet. Johnny and I talked about our experiences at Gizmodo, NBC Universal, Mashable and TechCrunch, and made each other laugh while we tossed out a plethora of blogging tips.

It was a great treat to be able to hang out with John in our first dual interview. Enjoy!

Laptop, tablet, e-reader or smartphone: How do I decide?

Choose laptop, tablet, e-reader-or smartphone?

Are you thinking about buying a laptop, tablet, smartphone or e-reader? Before you get stuck with a device you’ll rarely use, first determine the task you’d like to accomplish, and then choose the tool that fits. Come along with me and I’ll help you make the best possible decision.


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Most of us humans are notoriously bad at predicting what we’ll do. For example, people often make a decision to buy, say, a tablet, predicting they’ll be using it for all their computing needs. Other buyers have their heart set on a laptop, when they might be spending far more money to accomplish the same thing a cheaper gadget could do just as well. Let’s figure out which situations are best for which devices.

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Brando Power Jacket Adds Endurance to Samsung Galaxy S5

Brando Power Jacket

The newly released Galaxy S5 brings a 2.5GHz quad-core CPU and a gorgeous 5.1″ display to your hands, but only a 2800mAh battery. Brando has aimed to address this by releasing its Power Jacket series of cases in both covered and non-covered versions and with different battery capacities.

I put the $33 non-covered 3500mAh version of the case to the test for two weeks and gathered some real-world performance data and observations.

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