.44 magnum mailbox will be the funniest thing you see all day

.44 Magnum Mailbox

Take a look at this very special .44 magnum mailbox made by Roger Buchko, a New Jersey cabinetmaker who created this 350-pound replica of a .44 magnum revolver that might make USPS mail carriers feel like someone’s gone postal on them.

A 1,200-pound steel base holds up the enormous pistol with a cylinder that revolves when the wind picks up.

Was Roger making a political statement? He says no. “It’s just to drum up business, because I’m broke,” he said. But of course, the Internet being what it is, he’s raised the ire of gun-control advocates while at the same time pleasing gun aficionados.

The guy certainly is a craftsman with enormous talent. Wonder what other off-the-wall mailboxes Roger could build.

Images: Facebook. Story via NY Daily News