Leaked pictures show a slim, simple new iPad 5

iPad 5, is that you? Take a look at the highest-resolution pictures yet of the alleged next-generation iPad, leaked by Sonny Dickson.

There’s a high likelihood that these pics show the real thing. The new iPad will take on design cues from the iPad mini, including a smaller bezel, a slightly more abrupt shape — and look at those shiny chamfered edges, just like on the iPhone 5S. In the gallery, you’ll see the iPad shell in both silver and gray — will there be a gold edition, too?

The real thing won’t be revealed until an Apple event that could be on Tuesday, Oct. 22, but until then, these leaked pictures that Dickson says he got from sources in China look convincing to me.

According to All Things D, the new iPad will have a thinner and lighter design, as well as an improved camera and Apple’s new 64-bit A7 chip. Also rumored to be introduced at that same Oct. 22 event will be an iPad mini, also running Apple’s A7 processor and sporting a new Retina display.

I’m wondering what’s happened to Apple’s legendary penchant for surprises. What’s changed since Steve Jobs died two years ago? Not that I crave Apple’s obsessive secrecy of the days of yore, but pictures with resolution this high were unheard of in the days leading up to Apple’s previous releases.

Be sure to expand the gallery above to its full-screen size to get the total effect of these super-high resolution pictures.

Images: Sonny Dickson