JLab Go Bluetooth headphones offer great sound for a low price

JLab Go Bluetooth headphones offer wireless freedom and great sound for a low price. I put on a pair and took a close listen, and here’s what I thought.

You’d think if you spent $49.99 on a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you wouldn’t get much. Comparable products from Plantronics and others cost double that, and a lot of them don’t sound that great.

As soon as I got through the nearly bulletproof packaging of these JLab headphones, I noticed the product’s creative, innovative design. The two earpieces attach to each other magnetically, making them easy to store and transport.

The earpieces have a semi-rigid cable that not only connects the two together but helps to comfortably secure them in your ears. On the right earpiece is a volume control that also functions as an on-off switch and Bluetooth pairing control, and there’s a USB port for charging. On the left earpiece are track-skipping buttons.

Once I picked the proper earpiece out of a choice of seven sizes, I figured out how to place the headphones in my ears. As is the case with most modern Bluetooth devices, it was a cinch to pair them up with my iPhone.

Now it was time to settle down to some serious listening. My first impression: They sounded a lot better than their relatively low price would suggest. Once I achieved a tight fit with the earpieces, the bass was strong and clear, midrange realistic enough, and the highs were clean and satisfying.

The headphones were able to produce a tremendous amount of volume, much more than others I’ve tested. Only when I cranked them up all the way did I hear a hint of distortion. This product gives you a lot of sound for your $49.99.

If you’re looking to cut the cord and only want to spend around 50 bucks, these excellent JLab earphones will do the trick. They stay securely in your ears no matter how sporty you get, last five hours on a battery charge, and sound great.

Images: Charlie White