Could this be the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air? [PICS]

iPhone 6

Now that the excitement about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C has died down, designers and speculators are imagining what the next iPhone will look like.

Here are a dozen pics from the imagination of designers Martin Hajek and Steve Hemmerstoffer, showing their refined design concept of the iPhone 6. They’ve refined their design to show the upcoming phone in gold, and look at that — there’s no home button at all.

I’m skeptical that Apple would abandon its home button, especially after introducing Touch ID to such fanfare in the current product cycle. However, the artists’ idea that the next iPhone will be called the “iPhone Air” might have some truth to it.

I like the way they’ve made the display significantly larger by eliminating that home button and stretching the screen almost to the edges. In his blog, Hajek says his iPhone 6’s screen would be 4.8 inches instead of the 4 inches of today’s iPhones.

Note how much thinner this iPhone 6 concept is — it appears to be at least 25% thinner than its predecessor. Also check out those rounded corners of this design. I like the clean look that goes beyond the current two-tone style, resulting in a smooth and uninterrupted flow from back to front.

Lovely work, Hajek and Hemmerstoffer! I only hope the next iPhone looks this good.

Images: Martin Hajek