Is EverDock the world’s best charging dock? [REVIEW]


I’ve been searching for the world’s best smartphone and tablet charging dock. Could it be the sticky-based EverDock from FŪZ Designs? Let’s see what happens when I test it with a couple of smartphones and a tablet.

EverDock is made of a hefty piece of extruded aluminum. It’s available in four colors: black, silver and gold and the color of my review sample, “space gray.” Its minimalist design will be unobtrusive in any decor, and its solid construction and unique features had my interest piqued. This is one high-quality accessory — it had better be for its steep $49 price.

It includes a micro USB cable, three silicone bumpers that accommodate various sized phones (with or without cases), and a small adapter that holds a micro USB or Lightning cable in place. An added thoughtful touch is an extra adapter in case you lose the first one.

As you can see in this animation from FŪZ Designs, EverDock can accommodate almost any smartphone, whether it’s in a case or not:


Animation courtesy FŪZ Designs

It was easy to install a cable in the dock. The most challenging part is removing that small plastic adapter, which is quite easy to do. It fits firmly inside the extruded aluminum, but it’s easier to remove than the adaptors in other docks I’ve tested. The adapter is necessary for a micro USB or Lightning cable, but for a 30-pin iPhone or iPad cable, it’s not necessary.

I first wrote about EverDock when it was in its Kickstarter stage in September, 2013. Then, I thought its most intriguing feature was its sticky base, making it a lot easier to remove a docked device. That sounded like a great idea — in theory — but I was eager to test it for myself. Was it sticky enough?

Yes. I think the way this dock sticks to almost any surface is a breakthrough feature. It employs what the company calls “micro-suction technology,” and that alone keeps it firmly attached to any smooth table. If that’s not enough, you can remove a strip to reveal an even stickier substance that will keep it attached to rougher surfaces.

It works perfectly.

After using the dock for several days, I quickly got used to its adhesive base. Now, removing my iPhone from any other dock seems tedious by comparison. It might not be immediately obvious unless you’ve tried it, but the ability to quickly mount or remove the device from a charging dock with two fingers is a delight.

As you’ve seen in the gallery above, my Nokia 910 Windows phone and iPhone 5 worked well, as did my third-generation iPad with its 30-pin connector. However, the iPad was not quite as steady as the smaller smartphones were, nor was it as easy to mount to the EverDock.

That brings up a slight weakness I noticed. When mounted on this dock, a device remains stable from front to back. But the smartphones and tablet I tested had a bit too much play from side to side when perched atop the EverDock. While that’s not a showstopper, it made each device feel like it was less stably mounted than when it’s mated with, say, my previous favorite smartphone dock, the HiRise from Twelve South.

Why would I choose the HiRise over the EverDock? If I cared about keeping my iPhone or iPad completely stable from side-to-side, and if I didn’t care about effortlessly removing a device with two fingers. Because of that crucial and unique feature, I think the extra $14 for the EverDock ($49 vs. $35 for the HiRise) is money well-spent.

I don’t think side-to-side stability is crucial (and the company says it’s working on that, anyway). And while I think the HiRise is more elegantly designed, I like the EverDock’s clean, less-is-more appearance almost as much.

We have a winner. The EverDock is my new favorite dock for tablets and smartphones, thanks to its unique ability to stay put that I keep raving about. That makes it easier to use. In a small way, it has positively affected my quality of life.

Photos: Charlie White, GIF animation by FŪZ Designs