Apple CarPlay: Here’s the best demo yet [VIDEO]

Watch this remarkable demo of Apple CarPlay, the software that will bring iOS into almost every car. It’s going to change everything. This version, installed in a Volvo concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, is a good example of how easy CarPlay will be to use.

Note the way you can use Siri for almost everything (but I wonder if it will respond so accurately with lots of wind noise in a moving car). Notice the touchscreen’s smooth response to a capacitive touch, just like on iPhones and iPads.

It’s quite different from the awful touchscreens on almost every car infotainment system now. They often require more than one firm touch to get them to respond.

The current era of clumsy, distracting car “infotainment” reminds me of the smartphone era before the arrival of the iPhone in 2007. CarPlay is so much better than anything carmakers have made so far, it’s going to be a tremendous leap for car tech.

I predict that there will be numerous “me-too” copycats trying to imitate this software. This will be a boon for everyone.

Image and video: Vimeo/Life in the City