These Brilliant Little LED Lights Will Improve Your Life

LED lights

Motion activation is my new friend. This trio of brilliant little motion-sensing LED lights does the trick, whenever I need instant light where there is none.

Case in point: I often enter my garage service door in a hurry after a long sunset hike, and it’s dark. Using this product’s included 3M double-sided sticky pads, I strategically positioned all three LED lights to illuminate a quick path to the house’s side entry door. They’re only triggered when it’s dark (duh, the only time I need them), and they reliably light up my way just in time for me to see where I’m going.

Shortcomings? The package doesn’t include batteries — you’ll need nine AAAs to run all three of these LED lights. That ends up costing more than the lights if you’re using lithium batteries. We’ll see how long they last. And they’re not exactly “warm white” (2700K is the beginning of “warm” color, in my opinion).

But I don’t much care about those two things. They’re warm enough — and just bright enough — to be delightfully useful. Bravo. Instant quality-of-life enhancement.