This LDFAS Apple Watch Band Is One of the Nicest at Any Price

Apple Watch band

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch band that’s as good as the ones Apple sells but costs about 90% less, here’s a candidate from LDFAS. It’s a $31.99 link bracelet with a beautiful, clean look, and its color matches my Space Gray Apple Watch.

This one is unlike any Apple watch band I’ve seen. It’s partly rigid (see my pictures of it to see what I mean) because of the close proximity of the links — they are so close together, they don’t move or bend much. But the band is engineered to fit the wrist perfectly, so it always looks smart and feels perfectly comfortable.

Apple Watch band

I especially like the matte finish of the black metal. It’s not shiny and it’s not dull, but it has a lovely glow that reflects light in a pleasing way. Also, look at my pics and you’ll see how the butterfly clasp has been cleverly hidden. You can’t see a clasp at all.

It’s a first-rate band that’ll dress up your Apple Watch so much you’ll hardly recognize it. I collect Apple Watch bands like this, and this one’s one of the nicest I have — at any price.