‘Bugs 2’ Drone is Easy to Fly, Delivers Jaw-Dropping Performance

bugs 2

Flying drones is my newest obsession, and I have begun to rack up a few hours with these little angry birds. But now I have this MJX B2C, better known as Bugs 2, and it’s a not a toy but a grown-up drone. I’m ready. To prepare for flying it, I’ve been practicing on the humble toy drones that have the same four-channel flight characteristics, and I am now confident with the two sticks and how they make the drone behave during flight.

I’m glad I had that experience, because now after all the indoor training, I took this Bugs 2 out to a huge field today. Yes, it’s way too big and fast to fly indoors. It was like driving a race car compared to the tiny tricycles I was pedaling before. This thing climbs so high, I can hardly see it or hear it, and the GPS keeps it civilized, returning to my exact spot with a simple button push. It feels about ten times easier to fly than the mini-drones I’ve grown accustomed to.

Perhaps I was overconfident because I crashed it a few times, and once — hard — into a telephone pole, cracking the plastic across its nose. It’s still flightworthy but is now sporting a rugged battle scar.

Bugs 2

Next, I’m going to try taking some stills and video using the B2C’s 1080p camera. I’m starting to wonder if I should have ordered the B2C-W, the Wi-Fi version of Bugs 2 that lets you see video from the drone in real time on your smartphone that you attach to the top of its remote transceiver.

I only wish its battery would last longer than 15 minutes, and additional battery packs weren’t so expensive (prices vary widely from $17 – $40 each). And I wish its battery wasn’t so difficult to remove, where I almost need a pair of pliers to extricate it. But for now, I’m delighted with this fast, powerful and easy-to-fly aircraft.