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Incredible Russian dashcam footage shows people trying to get run over

Desperate people in Russia are longing for a big payout. That’s why they’re willing to risk their lives by almost getting killed. The solution to this peculiar accident-causing trend is for innocent drivers in Russia to have a dashcam running every second they’re driving. Continue reading

Logitech G602 wireless mouse might even satisfy hard-core gamers [REVIEW]

Logitech G602
Is there such thing as a wireless mouse that hard-core gamers will use? The Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse is the company’s latest attempt to convince gamers to cut the cord, but is it fast and responsive enough to cut the mustard?

Before I answer that question, let’s just wrap a hand around this beautiful mouse for a few minutes. It’s a medium-sized mouse that fits perfectly in my medium-sized hand. Its surface is just grippy enough, not too smooth and not too rough, and the sound and feel of its click is excellent — Logitech perfected that crucial characteristic with its mice long ago. Continue reading

Video reveals everyday product secrets you never knew

Say what you will about the masters of the listicle at BuzzFeed, but you must admit they nailed it with this video. In this short clip, you’ll discover lifehacks for a variety of products you use every day. Remember these product secrets, and your quality of life will be enhanced, even if it’s just a little bit.

My favorite? The way you can use a slot in the handles of pots and pans to hold a stirring spoon. With the spoon’s business end suspended over the pot, any drippage ends up where you want it rather than where you don’t. Brilliant. Continue reading

My 5 favorite apps of all time

5 Best Apps of All Time

With the debut of new iPhones and iOS 7, finding the best iOS apps might be on your mind. Perhaps you’re new to iOS, wondering which apps are the most useful. I’m here to help, picking out my favorite apps for your consideration.

I’ve been using an iPhone since its debut in June, 2007, and I’ve tried a lot of apps. Here are the five that I use most often, proving themselves to be the best I’ve ever used. They’ve withstood the test of time. Continue reading

Counting Walter White’s gigantic cash stash [INFOGRAPHIC]

breaking bad infographic

If you had a spare $80 million lying around that you couldn’t launder or even count, where would you put it? On Breaking Bad, Skyler White had to put Walt’s cash stash in a storage unit because it had grown so large, and we just found out in Sunday’s episode how much money Walt thinks it is.
Continue reading