Concept pics show big and beautiful iPhone 6 models

iPhone 6 concept by Federico Ciccarese

Italian designer Federico Ciccarese has a knack for taking mere rumors and turning them into lovely renderings of what the next Apple products might look like. I think these pictures he just released on Friday are probably the closest approximation yet of what we’ll see when the iPhone 6 is released. Continue reading

New pics reveal the inside of ‘Apple Spaceship’ HQ

Ever since the first renderings of the magnificent “Apple Spaceship” headquarters surfaced back in August, 2011, everyone’s been wondering what it will be like to work inside the four-story, 2.8 million square-foot ring-shaped “Campus 2.” Continue reading

Leaked pictures show a slim, simple new iPad 5

iPad 5, is that you? Take a look at the highest-resolution pictures yet of the alleged next-generation iPad, leaked by Sonny Dickson.

There’s a high likelihood that these pics show the real thing. The new iPad will take on design cues from the iPad mini, including a smaller bezel, a slightly more abrupt shape — and look at those shiny chamfered edges, just like on the iPhone 5S. In the gallery, you’ll see the iPad shell in both silver and gray — will there be a gold edition, too? Continue reading

10 things you probably didn’t know about the iPhone


Take a look at this infographic that includes a boatload of astonishing stats about iPhones. Even if you think you know everything about those baubles that get the fanboys all worked up, this inventive poster probably features lots of fun facts you didn’t know about iPhones.

There are some big numbers in here. For instance, who knew Apple had sold more than a third of a billion iPhones? That iPhones were faster than desktop computers were 10 years ago? That Apple has sold more than 50 billion apps? Continue reading

Upgrading to the iPhone 5S is pointless [OPINION]

iphone 5s
I’ve bought every new iPhone since its debut in 2007, but for the first time, I’ve decided not to upgrade my iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5S. Here’s why.

The simple reason? It’s not worth it. But there are emotional reasons that go beyond that. Perhaps the most important is that my carrier is AT&T, and I think it’s a sleazy company that I don’t want to support any more than I have to.
Continue reading