Concept pics show big and beautiful iPhone 6 models

iPhone 6 concept by Federico Ciccarese

Italian designer Federico Ciccarese has a knack for taking mere rumors and turning them into lovely renderings of what the next Apple products might look like. I think these pictures he just released on Friday are probably the closest approximation yet of what we’ll see when the iPhone 6 is released. Continue reading

Fantasy: Next year’s outlandish new iPhone Air [VIDEO]

iphone air concept

Speculation runs rampant about the next iPhone, and design group SET Solution has gotten serious with its visualizations of an imagined iPhone Air and iPhone 6C.

Take a look at these four videos and play along with the lovely fantasies of their designers, wondering along with me if technology circa 2014 is up to the task of these impossibly thin handsets. Continue reading

Could this be the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air? [PICS]

iPhone 6

Now that the excitement about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C has died down, designers and speculators are imagining what the next iPhone will look like.

Here are a dozen pics from the imagination of designers Martin Hajek and Steve Hemmerstoffer, showing their refined design concept of the iPhone 6. They’ve refined their design to show the upcoming phone in gold, and look at that — there’s no home button at all. Continue reading