Top 10 most magnificent images of Saturn ever created

Astronomy buff Gordan Ugarkovic created a masterpiece when he combined 36 images of Saturn taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. He blended together the individual pics into a perfect composite, allowing us to gaze down on the full planet Saturn from its north pole in this spectacular composite.

The 36 images were taken by the casino spacecraft on October 10, 2013. The resulting view you see above was an enormous hit, spreading across the Internet like wildfire. Continue reading

Behold, the coolest rocket footage ever shot

Last Monday, SpaceX flew its hovering Grasshopper rocket to a record 2,440-foot altitude and slowly lowered itself back to Earth, which was a feat unto itself. But the best part of the story was the spectacular footage the company shot of the test launch, released Saturday. The video was captured by a sharp and stable camera on board a 6-rotor hexacopter drone. Continue reading