Behold, the coolest rocket footage ever shot

Last Monday, SpaceX flew its hovering Grasshopper rocket to a record 2,440-foot altitude and slowly lowered itself back to Earth, which was a feat unto itself. But the best part of the story was the spectacular footage the company shot of the test launch, released Saturday. The video was captured by a sharp and stable camera on board a 6-rotor hexacopter drone. Continue reading

SpaceX Grasshopper rocket hovers, moves sideways like science fiction

Elon Musk’s SpaceX did a test launch of its reusable Grasshopper rocket on Tuesday, and for the first time, the 100-foot rocket lifted off, traveled 300 feet sideways, and then hovered back over the launchpad and settled back down whence it came. It looked like something out of science fiction.
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