Humor: Spoiled brat acts like a Teabagger [VIDEO]

Thanks, College Humor, for perfectly summing up the absurd conflict going on in the U.S. Congress at the moment. Regardless of your political persuasion, you’ll laugh out loud at this portrayal of the more recalcitrant members of the Tea Party depicted as a spoiled-brat kid. Continue reading

Behold, the coolest rocket footage ever shot

Last Monday, SpaceX flew its hovering Grasshopper rocket to a record 2,440-foot altitude and slowly lowered itself back to Earth, which was a feat unto itself. But the best part of the story was the spectacular footage the company shot of the test launch, released Saturday. The video was captured by a sharp and stable camera on board a 6-rotor hexacopter drone. Continue reading

Robot Roundup: Trio of killer bots is on the way

Killer Bot
Check out these three bots, making such serious progress that one is now untethered, another can walk across rough terrain without even flinching, and a third is actually a group of bots that can self assemble into a variety of shapes. Come along for a peek at the machines that will someday turn into killer bots, ready to replace all us meat puppets. Continue reading

Video reveals everyday product secrets you never knew

Say what you will about the masters of the listicle at BuzzFeed, but you must admit they nailed it with this video. In this short clip, you’ll discover lifehacks for a variety of products you use every day. Remember these product secrets, and your quality of life will be enhanced, even if it’s just a little bit.

My favorite? The way you can use a slot in the handles of pots and pans to hold a stirring spoon. With the spoon’s business end suspended over the pot, any drippage ends up where you want it rather than where you don’t. Brilliant. Continue reading

39,000 fps slow-motion video shows destruction in a new dimension

When video alters time, everything changes. In “Bullet Time,” the video artists at Beyond Slow Motion sped the frame rate to 39,000 frames per second — resulting in footage that’s 1,625 times slower than real time. That’s about 6 times slower than the slo-mo you usually see, and it seems downright otherworldly.
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Watch the best flight video ever made

If only the Wright Brothers could see this video. It’s a visual masterpiece, showing the beauty and grace of flight. At the same time, the video is a demonstration of the quality of high-resolution video, shot with the skilled hands of Doug Holgate, Roger Tonry and Scott Smith, all artisans of the craft of lens, light, positioning and flight.

It’s the combination of spectacular lighting, sharp digital-cinema-grade video, rock-steady stabilization — and of course, the photogenic flying machinery — that make this footage so dramatic.
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High-resolution iPhone 5S porn leaked [VIDEO]

Perhaps Apple can’t maintain its super confidentiality of years past. Could it be the company has somehow allowed the above high-resolution iPhone 5S porn to leak from its usually secretive clutches? Say it ain’t so.

This video flaunts the new iPhone’s three allegedly upcoming colors, including that luscious black/graphite look, the silvery white/off-white style, and that new gleaming “champagne” design. And looky there, that cheapo plastic-backed baby blue iPhone makes an appearance, too.
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